The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen: Pretty Rainbow Drinks

My ex-colleague was the person who first told me about this gorgeous drink. A few days ago, he had sent a link to an article about this rainbow beverage that had apparently recently become very popular thanks to Artbox Singapore. Although I’d never heard of it before this, the photos were too pretty and my interest was immediately piqued. I can never resist colourful food (and drinks).

So this afternoon, I headed to The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen in Toa Payoh to get my hands on a few of these colourful bottles for myself. Not only is this the original store, the queue here was much shorter than the one at the Artbox kiosk too.

Their drinks menu is pretty extensive – about a dozen different flavours, all very pretty-looking and totally Instagram-worthy. There’s the traditional Thai flavour series, and the “An Chan” (or butterfly pea) series. By the way, did you know that butterfly pea flower tea is naturally a brilliant blue colour?

The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen

Strapple, Mangoon, An Chan Lemonade

I picked Strapple, Mangoon, and An Chan Lemonade (S$3.80 each). Just look at how gorgeous they are! I almost could not bear to drink them.

An Chan Lemonade

An Chan Lemonade.

An Chan Lemonade after shaking

An Chan Lemonade after shaking.

It’s such a beautiful purple hue. My boyfriend’s mum commented that there must be a lot of artificial colouring in it. Well… maybe? But honestly, I don’t really care. I just want to look at them all day.

The flavours weren’t actually very impressive to be honest. They all tasted like syrup or cordial, and artificial flavouring. An Chan Lemonade actually tasted more like peach than lemonade. Strapple was a mix of strawberry and apple, and Mangoon tasted like mango syrup. They weren’t too sweet, and kind of reminded me of Vitamin Water actually!

Out of the traditional series, the Cha Yen (Thai iced tea) is pretty popular and said to be very tasty, although I didn’t try it this time. Next time though, for sure!

The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen

The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen in Toa Payoh

Address: 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #01-520 Singapore 310190
Telephone: +65 9105 0555
Opening hours: 11.00am – 9.00pm