Gudetama Café Singapore: Themed Restaurant

It’s everyone’s favourite nua egg!

I finally made it to Gudetama Café Singapore after it opened a few months ago. Located on the ground floor of Suntec City, the cafe is very accessible and easy to find.

Gudetama Cafe Singapore

On the table: Gudetama hard-boiled eggs and Gudetama napkin dispenser.

A few weeks ago, when my boyfriend Daniel was last at Suntec City, he overheard a couple talking about the meal they just had at Gudetama Café. They weren’t impressed – they said that the food wasn’t good.

So when we went to the cafe ourselves, we had low expectations. Both of us ordered from their special Spring Menu, which seemed to consist of dishes that featured sakura-related ingredients; e.g., rose-flavoured cream, sakura shrimp (lol). The Spring Menu is available till 30 April 2017.

Teriyaki Tori Don

Teriyaki Tori Don

Daniel ordered the GEKIUMA TERIYAKI TORI DON, which was “tender Teriyaki chicken, poached egg and pickled radish all served on top of Japanese Koshi rice, then finished off with bonito flakes, picnic ham and a drizzle of teriyaki sauce.” Flavour-wise, it was not bad. The teriyaki chicken was not very fatty; in fact, it was a bit on the dry side. The rice was quite dry too. They should have been more generous with the teriyaki sauce.

Gudetama Cafe Singapore Spring Mentaiko Pasta

Spring Mentaiko Pasta. I love the nori “hair” on top of Gudetama’s head.

I had the SPRING MENTAIKO PASTA, which was “Mentaiko carbonara pasta served with a poached egg, and generous portions of sakura ebi and crispy bacon. To ramp up the umami flavour, we top it off with toasted seaweed (nori), grated parmesan cheese and ebiko!” I liked this dish more than the other one. The mentaiko was very flavourful and salty, so you gotta really mix it into the carbonara or the flavour will be overwhelming. Again, the sauce was kind of dry. I also prefer my pasta with a bit more sauce.

I also ordered the Choco Banana milkshake. This was easily my favourite part of the meal! If you like chocolate and banana, you’ll like this. It didn’t taste like artificial banana flavouring either, but tasted like real bananas.

Gudetama Cafe Singapore Dessert

One of the other desserts

Overall, the ambience and plating were good but the food was so-so. But because we didn’t have high expectations, we did leave pretty satisfied. If you decide to visit Gudetama Café Singapore, don’t expect a gourmet meal. In fact, I’d suggest just having dessert here, if you have a sweet tooth.

Which do you think is more important at a themed restaurant? The quality of food or the overall ambience and dining experience?

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-361 Suntec City Mall, Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: Daily 10.00am – 10.00pm
Telephone: +65 6677 6195